No matter where you are at in your business, we have something to help you move forward.

Bus 121 - One to One Coaching

Focused Feedback

We will start with developing a vision as to where we are going by establishing behavioral goals. We’ll meet monthly, sticking to what we’ve laid out. Meetings will be on a consistent day of your choosing for an hour. You are also welcome to attend our other events.

Get On The Bus

Where the magic happens!

Meet with other similar business owners to share challenges and opportunities. We have several buses depending on your business and revenue stage. We allow up to 8 small business owners on each bus.

International Virtual Conferences (IVC)

Virtual Booths. Real Networking.

The highlight of our event services are our International Virtual Conferences™, where you can showcase your business! We host quarterly IVC shows from the comfort of your computer. These shows bring in hundreds of attendees and they generally stay for almost two hours!

The On The Bus™ Hub

Hone Your Pitch

Join like-minded business owners, pitch your business, build relationships, and learn new tricks on how to sell your products or services. Includes On The Bus™ Small Business Owner Coaching Workbook!

On The Bus Books

Learn At Your Own Pace

With two books published and two more on the way, all of the On The Bus methodologies and frameworks are available to read at your own pace (or together at our bi-weekly book meetings).

"Working with Chris is so fun and valuable! The On the Bus meetings are great because you get the support and advice of not only Chris, but other entrepreneurs. His Sales Training is right on target. The One on one coaching is specific to my prospects and leads. Highly recommend Chris and On the Bus Sales Training Coaching & Consulting."
Caryn L.
"I owe my success to Chris! He is a giver by definition. Being as well-connected as he is, he really enjoys introducing business owners and those in business development to one another. He also gives amazing business and sales advice in the most succinct, non-judgmental way that I personally find extremely helpful. If you are a business owner looking to grow your business or you feel you've plateaued, then Chris is the man for you to talk to."
Ashley P.
"Chris and The Alternative Board gave me a much-needed wake-up call. Starting as a solopreneur, Chris taught me the importance of working ON my business instead of IN my businesses, which has helped me tremendously in transitioning from “start-up mode” to a business that is more sustainable with long-term goals. Chris is refreshingly straight-forward in his approach and motivates you to think critically about every business decision that you make, so that you and your business can grow."
Sonia S.
"A true Business Whisperer! Chris has a direct approach to shift personal vision and success in order. He provides an eagle's eye view to help illuminate areas that require attention and guidance. His passion for his clients makes him a valuable resource. If you value your business, you'll value having a relationship with him!"
Tracey L.
"I am fortunate to have Chris Lipper as my facilitator. He is a highly focused, no nonsense coach and businessman. He's excellent at keeping our board on point and keeping a momentum going for all of us to create the most profitable, efficient, people-centered businesses we can. I'm excited about the growth I anticipate in our business working with Chris Lipper."
Vincent & Glenda T.
"Chris is a well balanced and honest individual you want on your team. He is all in from day one. He always manages to raise the bar for those in his company. I will take this opportunity to thank him for him the continued support and opportunities. I recommend anyone who wishes to move from the idea process to the get it done process. To let Chris do what Chris does: make business move faster through innovation and exponential experience."
Steven B.