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John Kolditz is a dedicated professional who finds his fulfillment in empowering visionaries to transform their dreams into reality. With a wealth of experience, John specializes in crafting impactful Go-To-Market strategies and seamlessly executing end-to-end sales frameworks, guiding entrepreneurs from concept to closure.

John excels in building businesses through meaningful relationships, recognizing that persistence is the key to both top and bottom-funnel success. His customer-centric approach prioritizes the success of his clients, fostering win-win solutions that evolve into enduring partnerships.

John approaches both business and social interactions with an insatiable curiosity to understand his (internal and external) customers. He firmly believes that diverse perspectives, aligned with a common goal, create ripples that transform lives, organizations, and ultimately, the world.

Having been closely involved with numerous startups, John is often referred to as a global community developer. He holds the belief that driving global change starts with impactful transformations within local communities.

Now, John is excited to embrace a new challenge as a coach for On The Bus in the vibrant Seattle / North Pacific region. In this role, he is committed to leveraging his expertise to guide individuals and teams towards success. John is ready to embark on this journey with you where collaboration ensures individual triumphs and contributes to the collective betterment of the community and beyond.

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